Mateusz Witelus


Education & Credentials

New York University College of Dentistry; New York, NY


Biology, University of Florida; Gainesville, FL


As your dentist, I will work patiently with you to develop a treatment plan that restores your oral cavity to optimal health using the latest technology. I love to educate my patients and watch them improve their smile through a professional, long-lasting relationship.


My favorite TV shows are Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, and The Eric Andre Show, my favorite movies are Mad Max: Fury Road, Alien, and The Thing, my favorite food is lobster mac n cheese, and my favorite vacation spot is Europe.


I was born in Canada, but have spent the majority of my life living in Florida. Unfortunately, my favorite outdoor activities are skiing and hiking up mountains, which are difficult to perform in Florida. For indoor entertainment, I enjoy watching movies, playing computer games, and attending concerts.